Willie Sherman Remix of LISTEN

11.28.2009 at 1:27 AM

My buddy Preston was kind enough to do a remix of the single from my forthcoming album with the talented vocalist Cleverly Hustle. He has been playing music for a hell of a long time and been working on some brilliant solo stuff for a while now and is coming into his own as a producer. He did an unreal job of giving this song a different texture while retaining a similar vibe. The pace of the song is much more up beat and bubbly than the original and I think that really adds something special to the mix. His creative use of delays, glitches, and drums create a different view of the song not before possible. AND HE SENT AN MP3!!!!

Sumsun- Listen

Preston makes some really diverse music ranging from classic rock to electronic to hip hop to experimental/ambient to playing guitar in a Ramones cover band. We have played together along with our buddy Forrest as Electric Exploding Giraffes. Preston on drums, Forrest on samplers and vox, and me on organ.

He releases his diverse collection of solo music as Willie Sherman and has a new album coming out later this year/early next year. He released his debut solo album this summer, Greenhouse Spectrum. He is also a budding and talented film maker. Here is a short film Preston wrote, shot, directed, and edited. Staring our buds Zach, Tim, Reba Cat, and myself.