I love Indy record stores

11.28.2009 at 8:00 PM

So im in Indianapolis and LOVE their record stores. Asheville has a good selection but this shit is just next level. I guess bigger city. Ive been to a few other big cities and looked for records all day but there is something about Indy record stores. I guess because it gets so damn cold out here more people stay inside and find good music so the stores are just meeting the demand. But you dont really hear about too many artists coming from Indy, Chicago is a hub though... I have spent days digging in Chicago and they have good shops too but they seem to be leaning in a different direction. It almost seems as though they are catering to an older crowd.

I picked up a few choice records today, the store pictured was my favorite and has been my favorite place to dig since I first went there in high school (Indy CD and Vinyl). We were planning on driving up to Chi town today but I am happy we stayed here in Indy. I am missing North Carolina though. The midwest just doesn't feel like home. Its way too serious for me....

This other picture is from a few weeks ago at my favorite used record shop in Asheville. The dudes who own it/work there have a great sense of humor and always have the best labels.

This picture is from the "EASY LISTENING" section. Im home sick for my little mountains.